Rockfish Rice Bowl

Do you want to eat healthy but you feel like you don’t have the time? You couldn’t be more wrong! This Rockfish Rice Bowl recipe will change the way you look at healthy meals. Oftentimes we assume that eating healthy requires a lot of time and effort, but with a recipe that takes less than […]

Sheet Pan Fish & Chips

Imagine if you could make a delicious (and healthy) wild-caught meal, using only two pans, that even the kids would like!? Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Skip trying to convince your kiddo to eat their dinner, only to be met with a sink full of dishes afterwards! This Sheet Pan Fish […]

Bacon Wrapped Scallops on the Grill

Love scallops? Wrap them in bacon! Don’t love scallops? Wrap them in bacon! East Coast Sea Scallops are already so delicious, but wrapping them in bacon takes them to the next level. If you already love scallops, then this recipe will just elevate your love for them, and if you don’t love scallops, then we’re […]

Dilled Fish Sandwich

Fish sandwich or fish burger? That is the question. This dilled fish sandwich recipe could arguably pass as a fish burger, while maintaining all of the characteristics you love in a burger! It’s juicy, full of flavor, pairs well with condiments, and all of your favorite fresh toppings! If you’re looking to replace some of […]

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

If you’re ready to wrap up summer with a delicious and easy meal, then these shrimp skewers are perfect! With a 4 minute cook-time, these skewers will easily make it to the top of your “Summer Grilling Faves” list! In need for greens? It’s so easy to add veggies to these shrimp skewers and make […]

Crab Boil in a Bag

Are you in the mood for a crab boil, but not in the mood to drag out your giant pot? This crab boil in a bag recipe eliminates the need for a giant pot, making seafood boils easy and delicious! Not to mention the fact that when it’s done, you’ll not only have delicious crab […]

Creamy Dill Cedar Plank Salmon

Everyone loves a good cedar plank salmon (at least we do). Nothing tastes quite as summery and light as the smokey and savory flavor that the salmon absorbs from the cedar plank. If you’re one to spend summers in your backyard, enjoying the warm weather and cool drinks, then this cedar plank salmon will pair […]