How to Thaw Seafood – plus one way you never thought of

Sockeye Salmon

Refrigerator Thawing This is the BEST way to thaw your high quality Seafood! Plan your menu a day ahead if you choose to defrost in the refrigerator. Place frozen seafood in a clean container to catch the liquid released from the product as it thaws. If the frozen seafood is not still wrapped in plastic, […]

Wild Alaskan Sablefish

Alaskan Sablefish

Captain of the F/V Discovery with Alaskan Sablefish Wild Alaskan Sablefish is one fish that I predict to become more and more mainstream over the net few years.  Many people know Sablefish as Blackcod or Butterfish.  Blackcod is a whitefish, although it has characteristics that really set it apart from other whitefish species.  Most whitefish […]