How to Thaw Seafood – plus one way you never thought of


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Sockeye Salmon

Refrigerator Thawing

This is the BEST way to thaw your high quality Seafood! Plan your menu a day ahead if you choose to defrost in the refrigerator. Place frozen seafood in a clean container to catch the liquid released from the product as it thaws. If the frozen seafood is not still wrapped in plastic, cover the top lightly with plastic wrap to protect it from drying out. Place the container on a low shelf and defrost slowly over a day. After thawing, remove any liquid that has collected in the packaging and use within a day for optimal freshness and safety.

Cool Water Thawing

Ok Ok… you forgot to plan your menu! We get it! Place your still sealed seafood into a zip-lock bag and press out all the air. Submerge the seafood in cold tap water in a large enough bowl and allow the cold water to trickle on top from your faucet. Do not try to speed the process by defrosting in hot water because this will encourage bacteria growth as well potentially damaging your beautiful dinner. Cook immediately once thawed.

Microwave Thawing

WOW— folks are arriving already and you forgot to thaw your Wild Alaskan Seafood!! Well you can thaw your seafood in the microwave! Follow YOUR microwaves instructions for choosing the defrost setting and defrost until the food is just cool and pliable. Do several lower timed runs if necessary. The key here is that we DO NOT want the cooking process to start in the microwave. SO USE CAUTION. This should be only used in the OH NO! scenario listed above.  Cook seafood that has been microwave-defrosted immediately after thawing!!! 

Sockeye Salmon


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