Wild Alaskan Sablefish


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Alaskan Sablefish
Alaskan Sablefish
Captain of the F/V Discovery with Alaskan Sablefish

Wild Alaskan Sablefish is one fish that I predict to become more and more mainstream over the net few years.  Many people know Sablefish as Blackcod or Butterfish.  Blackcod is a whitefish, although it has characteristics that really set it apart from other whitefish species.  Most whitefish are very mild and is why so many people love whitefish.  Blackcod does not fit into this category, due to its high fat content this fish has a very rich flavor.  Hence, it’s other name, butterfish.  I am asked all of the time if this means that the fish is fishy.  Personal preference and taste comes into action here, but I do not consider Blackcod fishy.  It is much more of a rich flavor that I like to describe as buttery and rich.  The soft texture of blackcod makes it feel like it melts in your mouth.


The fat content of Sablefish is one factor that really makes this fish stand out to me.  The omega 3 content of Sablefish rivals that of many salmon species.  There are many salmon species that I am able to eat and eat, sometimes nearly taking down an entire fillet.  This would not be a good idea with Blackcod, it really is that rich!  The high fat content also makes Blackcod a great fish to smoke.  Most whitefish species do not have this fat content and are to dry to smoke.  Blackcod is very popular on the smoker and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes testing out new items on their smoker.  Cold smoked Blackcod is a must try for any seafood lovers!


We hope this has created a bit of awareness for you on Sablefish.  As I have said above, this is one seafood item that you begin hearing more and more about.  For years the majority of Blackcod caught in Alaska went overseas to Asian markets.  This is slowly beginning to change and many more people in the United States are taking to this fish.


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