How to master cooking Seafood on the Grill


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Master Seafood on the Grill

So, there may not be many better things than a Sunday family dinner on the grill. Let’s make sure your looking like a CHAMP!

     Make sure your grates are clean! This is very important but often over looked! Brush off old build-ups and carbon

     Oil your grates!! Just as important as making sure that your grates are clean, so is having them properly seasoned! Apply a small amount of oil to a towel and rub your grates generously with oil. Do this before starting your fire and allow the oil to soak in for a few minutes.

     Allow your grill to get adequately hot. If we’re cooking salmon or halibut we want a med-high heat. Allow your grill 10-15 mins to get to the temperature you need.

     Brush your fish with a small amount of oil or butter and season with salt and pepper. Place skin side up (for skin on fish) and allow space in between your steaks on the grates. Look to not place any seafood over a “hot spot” or oddly high flame.

     Now that your seafood is comfortably on the grill and the cooking process has begun:

     DO NOT TOUCH IT- seriously, like not kidding!! The beautiful thing about seafood when cooked properly on the grill is that it will release itself naturally from the grates, you just have to have some patience.

     After 3 mins you may cross hash if you want to look extra fancy. Or you may flip it to finish based on your desired doneness. I like my Salmon on the Medium Rare side of 5-6mins, and my Halibut a bit longer into 8-9 min. Range.

     Let it rest a minute or two before you serve!



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