How to Cook Alaskan Crab and why you can cook it in 7 minutes


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Most people are not cooking crab at home because they do not know how to cook it!  

When people ask me, which seafood is the easiest to prepare I always tell them crab!  What most don’t realize is that crab has to be cooked at the factories in Alaska.  Raw crab has way to many health risks such as risk of Listeria, so all crab is cooked at the processing plants in Alaska.  Because Crab is already cooked, you are just heating the crab back up so you can enjoy it!  The easiest way to prepare crab at home is to steam it.  

The video below will walk you through each step.  When cooking 3-4 crab clusters you can usually get away using a typical pot you have in the kitchen.  You will only need ½ to 1 inch of water.  Remember you are not boiling the crab here since it has already been cooked, you are just steaming and reheating.  After 7-8 minutes with 3-4 crab clusters you should be ready to eat.  The best way to check your crab and see if it is done is by touching the shoulder section of the crab.  If this section of the crab is hot to the touch than you are ready to go!  

Many people ask about grilling or baking the crab.  You can definitely prepare crab this way.  When grilling or baking make sure to thaw your crab out first.  The crab is covered with a glaze, which is a layer of ice that surrounds the outer shell of the crab to help it maintain while in your freezer.  The beauty about steaming crab mentioned above, is that you can do this from frozen!  Enjoy your crab!


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