My Favorite Way to use Leftover Salmon


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Alaskan Salmon Cakes

My go to recipe for leftover salmon - salmon cakes

I think this is a common issue that many people face with salmon.  What do you do with the leftovers?  For years I had salmon sit in my fridge for days.  Many times that salmon sat for to long and went to waste.  I was not a fan of putting salmon in the microwave and eating it again.  Finally a friend of mine sent me a picture of salmon sliders he made on Hawaiian Roll buns for a football party.  Right there I knew that was something I had to try.  Even though I didn’t go directly with the sliders I went all in on the salmon cakes.  I found a very simple recipe that I liked and that I will share with you in a video below.  This recipe is great because it can easily be tweaked with other spices or different types of breadcrumb.  I hope you enjoy!


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