What’s the best way to add Seafood to Mac n Cheese?


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Smoked Salmon mac n cheese

Our Smoked salmon mac n cheese will make you drool!

Yup it’s that good!  Mac n cheese is a perfect dish to add a variety of protein options to.  As you all know we like to keep it as simple as possible.  When it comes to adding seafood to your mac n cheese the easiest and tastiest option is going to be smoked salmon!  A hot smoked, smoked salmon will be your best option.  Cold smoked, smoked salmon is not going to pair well due to it’s texture.  For those that don’t know what cold smoked is, we are referring to Lox.  This is the type of smoked salmon that is very common on bagels and cream cheeses.  With the hot smoked salmon, you will be able to flake it into your mac n cheese dish.  The smoky rich flavor is going to go really well with a super cheesy mac n cheese.  So don’t go light on the cheese!  We’ve shred with you our Smoked Salmon Mac n Cheese recipe below!


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