Let’s teach you how to wrap your shrimp in bacon!!!


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Bacon wrapped shrimp

We love shrimp and we love bacon!  Let’s put them together.  Our video below will show you one of the easiest recipes for Bacon Wrapped shrimp.  We wanted to to go over the little tips and tricks first, before you watch the video.  Our favorite way to cook bacon wrapped shrimp is on the grill with skewers.  First you want to make sure your shrimp have been thawed out and peeled.  On a typical grocery bought skewer you will fit 5-6 shrimp.  Make sure to soak your skewers.  Cook time is not long, so don’t worry about soaking your skewers for hours, but shoot for 15 minutes.  Next you must pre cook your bacon.  This is the real trick.  Cook times of shrimp and bacon are different.  We like to lay out our bacon in a sheet pan and cook in the oven at 400 degrees.  We aim to get the bacon to a point just before it gets crunchy.  This is usually about 10-12 minutes.  Now you can take the bacon out and let it cool down.  From here you can wrap your shrimp and stick onto the skewers!  Get your grill up to 400 degrees and place the skewers on. Cook time is not long, you do not want to overcook the shrimp!  Shoot for 2-3 minutes on each side.  Enjoy your bacon wrapped shrimp skewers!!


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