Discussing our Principles with Hunting Sensation Randy Newberg


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Randy Newberg Podcast

A while back we had the opportunity to go on Randy Newberg’s Podcast Hunt Talk Radio.  We were fortunate enough to connect with Randy Newberg and getting to know him has been an eye opener.  This is a guy who worked as a successful accountant for years, but made a transition not all that long ago to do something he was truly passionate about and enjoyed.  His love for the outdoors, conservation, teaching, and helping others has been unlike any I have seen.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Randy.

I knew that Randy has spent time in Alaska on his hunting adventures, but I had no idea of the connection he had.  Randy spent one summer when he was younger as a commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska.  He has family who still lives in SE Alaska today.  Randy and I have fished in similar areas in Southeast and I did not expect for him to have that history.  Randy also fly’s into my hometown of Petersburg, AK every few years for a black bear hunt.  In the podcast we talked a lot about Petersburg as a community and how cool of a place it really is.

I hope you enjoy the clip below from our time on Randy Newberg’s Podcast where we talk about our principles as a company and what we believe when it comes to sourcing seafood and sustainability.


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