Can you cook Salmon in the Air Fryer?


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Salmon in the Air Fryer

Salmon in the air fryer

You can absolutely cook salmon in the air fryer.  Let’s be honest, most of us are pretty hesitant of cooking seafood in anything besides a frying pan, oven, or the grill.  I fell into that trap.  Even with all of the cooking I do for all of our social media content and always looking to try new things.  It took me over a year to finally get an air fryer after all of the craze came out about them.  I did finally get one and it has been really cool.  I had no idea what these things were capable of.  For seafood they open you up to endless recipe opportunities.  I started off by replacing the frying pan with the air fryer and did a lot of recipes such as breaded rockfish and popcorn shrimp.  Then I went to salmon.  As I was doing the recipe video below I was still hesitant.  The recipe in the video below was also my first time ever cooking salmon in the air fryer.  The video is great because I breakdown at the end how I would have done things differently after my first try.  Enjoy this Air Fryer Salmon Recipe and the time savings that cooking in an air fryer provides you with.

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