Alaskan Seafood and Sustainability

Alaskan fisheries and sustainability

Alaska has been the poster child for fisheries management not just in the United States, but throughout the world.  As you consistently hear about over fishing and populations dwindling throughout much of the world, Alaskan fisheries keep chugging along year after year.  This is because Commercial fisheries in Alaska have been built on sustainability for […]

How to Cook Salmon in the Air Fryer – One more amazing recipe

Air Fryer Salmon

If you have been following our blog you know how much we love cooking seafood in the air fryer.  I was one of the biggest skeptics about seafood in the air fryer.  I finally gave in and decided to do a few cooking videos with salmon and rockfish air fryer recipes.  Both turned out very […]

Your Easy Recipe for at Home Alaskan Salmon Spread

Alaskan Salmon Spread

Not much is easier or better than a classic salmon spread!  If you are a little unsure of what I am talking about, check out the picture above and also think tuna salad spread.  Salmon spread can mean a few different things.  It can consist of shredded salmon that you have picked apart by hand […]

How Seafood Supports the Alaskan Economy and Communities

Have you ever wondered how big of a deal Seafood is to Alaska?  The video below gives you an update of what kind of impact Seafood has on the Alaskan economy and its residents.  Alaska is the number one producer of Seafood in the United States, and if Alaska was it’s own country it would […]

Seasons of Wild Alaskan Seafood

Seasons of Alaskan Seafood

Have you been curious about the different seafood seasons?  The crazy thing about Wild Seafood, is that it is all very seasonal.  Sustainable Alaskan Fisheries have management practices in place to ensure that these fisheries can take place year after year.  This is why the seafood in Alaska is caught during certain periods of the […]

How Alaskan Seafood Benefits Heart Health

We all know that Wild Caught Seafood is good for you and your health.  The biggest thing I’ve realized is that most of us don’t know why.  Why is seafood so good for us?  What does it actually do and how does it actually benefit us.  Thankfully our friend at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute […]

Introducing Barnacle Foods – Now Available in our Online Store

Introducing Barnacle Foods! We are so excited to begin carrying the incredible products of Barnacle Foods straight out of Alaska. Let us introduce you to Matt and Lia, Founders of Barnacle Foods.  The two who are creating incredible foods products from natural Alaskan food sources such as Bull Kelp, Spruce, and more! [We’re Matt and […]

How to Cook Scallops in the Oven – Recipe with Video

How to Cook Scallops in the oven

Why are scallops so hard to cook?  We know this isn’t the case for everyone, but many struggle with cooking scallops.  Today we are moving away from the traditional pan sear with butter and going to a very tasty oven bake recipe.  Parmesan Panko Crusted Scallops.  Baking scallops can simplify everything, but you have to […]

How to Beer Batter Alaskan Seafood Rockfish Beer Bits with video

How to make beer battered alaskan rockfish

This is for all of the Beer lovers out there!  Beer battered anything is pretty much amazing.  Growing up in Petersburg, AK Beer Bits was one of my favorite dishes for Halibut and Rockfish.  Beer bits refers to Beer Battered Rockfish or Halibut.  It is one of the most simple recipes that results in a […]

How to Make a Good Burger with Seafood – Cod Burger Recipe

How to Make Alaskan Cod Burgers

Seafood burgers are surprisingly amazing!  Now that salmon burgers have hit the grocery stores and even come in pre made patties, seafood burgers are becoming more and more easier to prepare and enjoy.  Many seafood companies are utilizing more and more of the fish to make new products like burgers.  Salmon burgers for example are […]