Is the air fryer the best way to cook seafood? Recipe + video!


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Air Fryer Rockfish

Rockfish in the air fryer!

We’ve got one more recipe to show you how good seafood is in the air fryer.  Many of you may remember when we made our first attempt at cooking salmon in the air fryer, and on the first try it was a success!  We were super happy with how it turned out, and thought the texture and quality was great.

Now we are on to another air fryer recipe that just makes sense. In my eyes an air fryer was made to fry foods in a healthier way, avoiding all of the cooking oil and added fat.

So for this recipe we went along that route and tried out Air Fryer Rockfish!  I followed the same recipe I do when pan frying rockfish in oil, but this time we just placed it right into the air fryer.  The recipe was simple:

1. Thaw rockfish

2. Cut into 3-4 portions

3. Dip rockfish into egg or almond milk

4. Coat rockfish in breadcrumb mixture

5. Time to cook

Enjoy our video below to see step by step tutorial on how we cook rockfish in the air fryer.


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