How to never ruin your salmon at home again. Video included.


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How to never ruin your salmon again

The reason we love teaching you how to cook seafood is because so many people don’t know the few small tricks to ensuring that their seafood turns out good and can be enjoyed amongst the entire family. 

So many people subscribe to the thought of “I always dry my salmon out,” “I can’t cook salmon,”or  “Nobody eats fish at my house because we can never cook it right.” Chances are all of those above statements could be avoided if people just knew three tiny tricks that can help anyone feel comfortable with their seafood in the kitchen.

I grew up commercial fishing in Alaska and went on to run seafood factories all over the state of Alaska before I started this business. I have been surrounded by seafood most of my life, and the truth is, I never knew the ins and outs of cooking seafood until the past five years when I really dug into it and began enjoying cooking seafood on my own.  In the video below I share with you my three best salmon cooking tips to ensure you never ruin your salmon at home again.  Enjoy!

How it Works - Wild Alaskan Seafood Box


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