Don’t be Scared of Cooking Crab!


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Don't be scared of cooking crab

Listen, of all the seafood items we source, crab is quite possibly the easiest to cook and prepare. 

What most people do not know is that crab is precooked up in Alaska when it is processed. The crab is caught and delivered to the processing plants. At the processing the plants the crab is cleaned and packed. Next, it is put into a cooker, that ensures the crab is fully cooked right at the processing plant. The reason for this is that raw crab presents huge health risks and in the U.S. must be cooked before offered to consumers. 

What makes this so nice for us as consumers, is that we just have to heat this crab up! 

My go to preparation for crab is steaming. I prefer this because it allows you to cook crab from frozen. For 4-5 Dungeness Crab clusters I would add 1/2″ of water into a pot and bring that to a boil.  From here I put the crab clusters in and steam for 7-9 minutes until the shoulder of the crab is hot to the touch. 

And that’s it! Within 10-15 minutes you have a crab dinner.  In case this seems too good to be true we have included a video below.


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