How does a Seafood Subscription Box work?


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Seafood Box

Subscription boxes have been gaining so much popularity over the last 10 years.  Food subscription boxes have just recently hit the scene.  It seemed to be a slow start, as many people were not used to ordering food online and having it delivered tot heir home.  Frozen food that is not prepared became another whole new category in the Subscription Box space.  It is now becoming a common practice to have a food subscription box delivered to your home each month.  This is exactly where our Wild Alaskan Seafood Box comes in.

For many people seafood is an after though.  It is not a food item people want to mess with or fit into their diet, BUT for so many seafood is exactly what they’ve been looking for.  Finding wild caught seafood from sustainable fisheries is a whole other chore that most people don’t want to waste their time on because it is hard to find!  These are the needs that Wild Alaskan Seafood Box is filling.  So many people are confused when shopping for seafood because they have no idea if they are getting wild caught or far raised.  Most know that farm raised is bad, but why and how bad.  Or seafood sounds really good tonight so we go to the store and stock up, but then realize we don’t actually know how to cook it and for that reason it sits in the freezer and goes unused.  

We need a platform that helps us with all of these problems and that’s exactly where we fit in.  Wild Alaskan Seafood Box is a Seafood Subscription Box.  It does give you access to the highest quality Wild Alaskan Seafood caught directly by small and local fisherman in Alaska.  This is seafood that most people would never have access to.  You can decide how often you want you box delivered, it is free shipping, and it shows up right on your doorstep.  But the real value is in all of the other stuff we provide.  Members of the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box get free access to our Cooking Classes.  Classes that teach you from the ground up how to cook seafood at your own home.  Weekly emails giving inside access to recipes and education on seafood and the fisheries we source from.  No longer should you just expect to receive amazing seafood, but you now have access to everything you need to learn how to enjoy seafood on a regular basis and reap the benefits it has to offer.


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