How to Cook a Halibut Dinner in Under 20 minutes for the family


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Fast and Spicy Halibut Recipe

Seafood dinners are hard to come by in a normal family that has such a busy lifestyle.  After all the kids are home and homework is done, nobody has time to spend 1-2 hours cooking dinner.  Many people believe this is the time it takes to cook a real seafood meal that everyone can enjoy.  That cannot be farther from the truth.  Most seafood items can be cook in 30 minutes or less.  We’ve created a very simple halibut recipe for you guys that can be on the dinner plate in under 30 minutes.  Most people love halibut.  It has a very delicate and smooth texture and fits right in that area of being mild and not fishy.  Because halibut is so mild many people ass seasoning, rubs, or marinade to get the flavor they desire.  Our recipe today adds just a little bit of spice, but nothing over powering.  We are also huge fans of paprika on our seafood and that’s exactly what this recipe has.  So sit back and get your notes out.  Below is the recipe you will soon be cooking for your family!


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