How to make Pasta Salad with Smoked Salmon The perfect party dish


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Ohhhh I love this recipe so much.  First off I will let everyone know that this is a very easy dish.  Our smoked salmon is ready to eat so in this recipe you are not cooking any seafood you are simply preparing one of the most amazing salads I have ever had.  This is also the dish you will want to bring to parties and gatherings.  The flavors of this past salad all pair very well.  I do recommend using a  “hot smoked” smoked salmon vs “cold smoked.”  Cold smoked is also known as lox, and is what you typically find on bagels and cream cheeses.  It is the very thin sliced smoked salmon that has more of the soft raw texture.  Hot smoked gives you more of the regular salmon texture and it will flake apart, which is a key to this recipe as you add the smoked salmon into the salad.  I also recommend using a hot smoked salmon that does not have flavors added to it.  Many companies now make smoked salmon that has spices or other flavors added to the brine.  This stuff is amazing, but it will add a bunch of different flavors into your dishes and may not pair well as a basic all natural smoked salmon.  Please enjoy below as we walk you through this dish!


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