Giving you a FREE Copy of our new Alaskan Seafood Cookbook


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Seafood Recipes

Our goal is to give you so much more than just seafood.  We source some of the best wild-caught seafood, directly from small boat fishermen in Alaska. But now we’ve created even more for you.

We’ve recently updated our Seafood Membership to include the following:

-A 3 Month Option – For those who can’t commit to a monthly box, ensuring you have flexibility.

-Access to our online cooking courses – All new members now get automatic access to hours and hours worth of online cooking classes. Every month new classes and class materials are added to these courses, so that you always get something new and educational.

-Custom Box Builder – If you don’t like our 3 curated box options, our box builder gives you access to all of our seafood and allows you to choose the quantities.  


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