How to Make Fish Tacos at Home with Alaskan Rockfish


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How to Make Fish Tacos at home

Fish Tacos are delicious, but are you really making them at home?  Just like most seafood, many people haven’t tried cooking fish tacos at home because they think they will mess it up.  Trust me you can make fish tacos at home and enjoy it just as much as you enjoy your favorite fish tacos at a restaurant.  Remember it’s all about the sauce when it comes to fish tacos.  You can have amazing fish and cook it just perfect, but if it is not smothered in the right sauce you will not enjoy it nearly as much.  In the video below we will walk you through a recipe for the sauce and then cooking the perfect Alaskan Rockfish for your at home Fish Tacos.  We use Wild Alaskan Rockfish in the recipe.  Alaskan Rockfish is a perfect whitefish for fish tacos.  I describe Alaskan Rockfish as a mild flaky texture whitefish that is in between Cod and Halibut.  Make sure to differentiate between Alaskan Rockfish and other rockfish you may find at a super market.  Typically the rockfish you find at local grocery stores is caught off the coast of CA or OR and is much smaller and the fillets are thin.  Alaskan Rockfish fillets are typically more firm and a little tastier!  Alaskan Rockfish is our go to for fish tacos!  


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