How to Cook Alaskan Blackcod at Home – Teryaki Braised Blackcod


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How to Cook Alaskan Blackcod

If you haven’t tried Alaskan Blackcod, we hope this post helps you decide to go out and try one of the most amazing seafood species around.  Blackcod is a whitefish, but unlike most whitefish Blackcod is not super mild.  As a fatty fish, Blackcod is full of flavor also making it very high in Omega 3’s and rivaling Salmon in this area.  As a comparison Blackcod have 1.8 grams of Omega 3s per 100 gram serving compared to King Salmon who have 1.3.  This is a very fatty, flavorful, and rich fish!

We’ve included a very simple recipe for cooking Blackcod at home.  This is an at home recipe that will take under 25 minutes.  Enjoy your Alaskan Blackcod and remember to Eat Wild.



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