How to Make a Good Burger with Seafood – Cod Burger Recipe


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How to Make Alaskan Cod Burgers

Seafood burgers are surprisingly amazing!  Now that salmon burgers have hit the grocery stores and even come in pre made patties, seafood burgers are becoming more and more easier to prepare and enjoy.  Many seafood companies are utilizing more and more of the fish to make new products like burgers.  Salmon burgers for example are made by utilizing the meat that is left over once a salmon is filleted.  Once they two fillets come off of the salmon, their is still meat left on the “frame.”  This is the rib cage and back bone.  This is high quality meat, that for years went down the drain.  Now this is being done with other seafood species as well and seafood companies are actually making “burger” out of seafood.

On the flip side amazing seafood burgers or sandwiches can be made with actual pieces of the fish.  Pan searing salmon, cod, halibut, or rockfish can make for an incredible burger.  In the video below we break down for you how to make cod burgers at home.  This is a very simple and straight forward recipe that you can do in your busy lifestyle.  Enjoy the Cod Burgers!!


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