How to Beer Batter Alaskan Seafood Rockfish Beer Bits with video


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How to make beer battered alaskan rockfish

This is for all of the Beer lovers out there!  Beer battered anything is pretty much amazing.  Growing up in Petersburg, AK Beer Bits was one of my favorite dishes for Halibut and Rockfish.  Beer bits refers to Beer Battered Rockfish or Halibut.  It is one of the most simple recipes that results in a dish that will keep you eating until you are uncomfortably full.  In our video below we walk you through step by step how to beer batter rockfish.  Remember the rockfish in this recipe can be substituted for other seafood.  We recommend to keep it as a whitefish that is semi thick.  We also recommend a darker beer to bring out more of that flavor in the beer batter.  Enjoy and Eat Wild!


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