How Seafood Supports the Alaskan Economy and Communities


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Have you ever wondered how big of a deal Seafood is to Alaska?  The video below gives you an update of what kind of impact Seafood has on the Alaskan economy and its residents.  Alaska is the number one producer of Seafood in the United States, and if Alaska was it’s own country it would rank #8 as the highest producer in the world!  The Seafood Industry alone, employees over 50,000 workers in Alaska.  Just last year the Alaskan Seafood Industry added $5.6 billion to the Alaskan economy.  You can say the Seafood Industry in Alaska is a huge driver and supporter for many Alaskan residents.  We wanted to say thank you for choosing Alaskan Seafood and supporting local Alaskan fisherman and processors!


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