Alaskan Seafood and Sustainability


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Alaskan fisheries and sustainability

Alaska has been the poster child for fisheries management not just in the United States, but throughout the world.  As you consistently hear about over fishing and populations dwindling throughout much of the world, Alaskan fisheries keep chugging along year after year.  This is because Commercial fisheries in Alaska have been built on sustainability for generations.  

As people moved up to Alaska and realized the vast amount of salmon and other seafood there was a big movement to capture as much fish as possible.  Poor fishing practices and fish traps were used for a very long time to easily harvest huge amounts of seafood.  Once Alaska became a state great things began to happen.  Sustainability is found within Alaskan legislature and is now the backbone of Alaskan fisheries.  Many fishing techniques such as fish traps were banned and fisheries management really took place.  

For years the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game have managed the Alaskan fisheries.  This management takes place throughout the year as well as in season.  Management even takes action to shut down fisheries if populations and returns are not looking healthy.  These practices have allowed Alaskan fisheries to maintain year after year.


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