Seafood for the Holidays – Holiday Cooking Guide included


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Holiday Cooking Guide

How to Enjoy Seafood for the Holidays

The team at Wild Alaskan Seafood Box is wishing you an amazing holiday!  Although we are all going though uncertain times this holiday season we hope you are able to spend time with family, enjoy amazing food, and create memories.

Seafood is a common staple during the Holiday season.  Christmas and New Year’s meals frequently include seafood dishes.  This year my family and I plan on doing a seafood boil.  We are hoping to put a little twist on it and not go with the classic crab, shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage!  Dungeness Crab clusters and shrimp will be included.  We are also planning on a semi spicy andouille sausage to be included.  The spicy sausage pairs so well with the seafood and boil mix.  One thought this year is to add shellfish to the mix.  Possibly adding mussels and clams to the boil.  Big juicy Montana Steaks will also be on the menu this Holidays season to add a turf to the seafood boil.  All of this will be thrown onto our table and enjoyed by our family.  This is one we are looking forward to.

Below we have included a FREE Download of our Holiday Cooking Guide, which sells for $4.99 in our online store.  This guide has great ideas on seafood dishes for the Holidays and walks you through each dish with a step by step recipe.


Holiday Cooking Guide


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