Our most Popular Seafood Box


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Seafood Box

Our Most popular wild alaskan seafood box

If you had to guess, which of our three curated Wild Alaskan Seafood Boxes do you think is most popular.  All three boxes: Whitefish , Salmon, and Red & White Boxes are all created with Wild Alaskan Seafood.  As you can imagine, the Red & White Box consists of a mixture of both salmon and whitefish.  

Of the three boxes the Red & White is hands down our most popular membership box.  Many people are either a whitefish or salmon lover, but we’ve seen so many now wanting to receive a mixture of both.  We include a mixture of Alaskan Salmon and Whitefish species in each months box.  For example this month has included: Sockeye salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, and Cod.  Previous Red & White boxes have included Rockfish, Blackcod, Keta Salmon, King Salmon, Pollock, and Lingcod.  

The Red & White is a fun box to create.  It gives us the opportunity to be more creative and add a mixture of multiple seafood species from month to month.



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