What is the best Alaskan whitefish?


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Alaskan Whitefish

This is a post where we need your comments!!


What is the best Alaskan whitefish?


Many people go straight to Halibut.  No problem here, but why is that?  Halibut is by far the most mainstream whitefish amongst most seafood consumers.  So not let’s dig into it.  What about the other options?  We’ve got Lingcod, Sablefish (blackcod), Rockfish, Pollock, and Pacific Cod!


I am guessing that Halibut and Cod will be the most popular answers here, but what about the others?

Alaska Rockfish is our most popular whitefish offered through Wild Alaskan Seafood Box and Billings Seafood Guys.  Rockfish is a very mild, flaky texture whitefish.  I like to put Rockfish right in between Cod and Halibut.  Rockfish can get a bad red.  I have noticed most Rockfish coming out of areas south of Alaska seem to have more of a stronger flavor.  The Alaskan Rockfish we source is smooth, and most of our customers begin to prefer this over cod, and sometimes even Halibut!

Alaskan Rockfish

What about Sablefish, known as Blackcod or Butterfish?  We have noticed that those who know about Blackcod and have tried it, seem to love it.  It can be a hard fish to find in the lower 48.  It is not main stream and most people have to be educated on what this fish is like.  For me Blackcod is definitely one of my favorite, but I do not consistently eat it.  For me it is more of a treat.  Blackcod has a much higher fat content than most whitefish, making it rich in flavor.  It has Omega 3 contents that rival those of salmon, making it very authentic as a whitefish.

Alaskan Blackcod

So what is your favorite whitefish?  Is it Halibut, Pollock, Blackcod, Lingcod, Rockfish, or Cod?  Or is it Halibut Cheeks?  We know there are many options but we want to know which you like the best!


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