Now Carrying Seafood Direct from Alaskan Producers


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One of our dreams is slowly coming true, and that is to offer seafood direct from Alaskan fisherman and producers.  We are in the process of working with Alaskan fisherman directly to list their seafood and harvests directly on our website.  This will make their seafood available to you!

We have connected with Kvichak Fish Co. and Sea to Shore Seafood.  Kvichak Fish Co. is a small boutique seafood processor based in Naknek, AK.  Kvichak Fish Co. specialized in Bristol Bay Sockeye and Halibut.  They work directly with small independent fisherman in the Bristol Bay area and all of their seafood is processed and cut by hand!  Kvichak Fish works mainly with set netters during salmon season, which allows them to receive the fish within hours of harvest, get them on ice, and begin processing by hand!  Offering Sockeye Salmon and Halibut directly from Kvichak Fish Co. is giving our customers access to the highest quality seafood in Alaska!

Sea to Shore Seafood is the second producer out of Alaska we have connected with.  Sea to Shore Seafood is owned by Alaskan Fisherwoman and Fisherman Chelsea and Pete!  This Husband and wife duo own and operate Fishing Vessel Eric.  Chelsea and Pete catch and process all of their own seafood.  This is an amazing accomplishment.  Not only do they spend all of the time out on the water day after day fishing, but then they come home and process all of their harvest.  They repeat this all summer long and the results are seafood products with quality and taste that most have never experienced.  We are very proud to begin offering Smoked Alaska Coho Salmon from Chelsea and Pete!


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