How to Cook Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – My go to Recipe


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How to Cook Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Today I am giving you my go to salmon recipe for Sockeye Salmon.  We will have a video below showing you step by step how to utilize this recipe at home.  This is my go to recipe for a number of reasons.  Most of all it is very easy and still really good.  Our biggest goal is to help you with seafood recipes that are realistic in our busy day to day lives.  The recipe below is realistic for a busy family who does not have all day to prepare for dinner.  Prep for this recipe can be as easy as pulling a salmon fillet out of the freezer in the morning and placing it in the fridge to thaw throughout the day.  By the time you make it home in the evening your salmon is ready to go.  You pull it out to let the salmon warm up from the cold fridge and then you add your olive oil, seasonings, and a little butter!  That is it.  When I cook Sockeye Salmon I use this recipe 80% of the time.  Enjoy!


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