Alaskan Rockfish Rice Bowls – Recipe + Video


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Alaskan Rockfish

Since we have begun in our Seafood journey with Billings Seafood Guys and now Wild Alaskan Seafood Box, Alaskan Rockfish has been our most popular whitefish.  This may sound absurd to you.  My guess is most people have heard of Rockfish, but have not related it to a great seafood dish.  Our Alaskan Rockfish is thicker, juicier, and of a higher quality than most of the Rockfish you find along the pacific coasts of WA, OR, and CA.  Alaskan Rockfish consists of many different species, but we limit ourselves to just 3 that we source.  Rockfish is a mild flaky texture whitefish that I put right in between cod and halibut.  The thickness of our Alaskan Rockfish allows us to prepare many of the dishes we would use halibut for, with Rockfish.  

Over time Rockfish has become our most popular and now signature Whitefish that we offer!  

Below we show you a very easy recipe for Rockfish rice bowls to enjoy at home!


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