How Long Does Frozen Seafood Last?

How long does frozen seafood last

How Long Does Frozen Seafood Last It’s always been amazing to me how hesitant people are with frozen seafood.  There is a definitely a perception that frozen seafood is of far less quality than fresh seafood.  If you are so lucky to live right on the coast and you are able to get seafood as […]

Pairing Wine and Seafood with non Wine Experts

Pairing wine and seafood

Non Wine Experts try to pair wine and seafood We love cooking seafood and we actually do like drinking wine quite a bit.  In the video below we sat down after cooking a Surf n Turf dinner with King Crab and Montana Beef.  We do our best to pair wine with the seafood and beef, […]

Surf n Turf Dinner for Two – Tutorial plus Cooking Video

Surf N Turf Dinner for Two By now you guys know how much we love to cook!  In our latest cooking video we decided to break down a surf n turf dinner for two.  This was based around Valentines Day, but this is something you can prepare anytime.  In the video below our Surf n […]

What do you do with left over salmon – SALMON CAKES

salmon cakes

What do you do with left over salmon Left over salmon has always been a challenge of mine.  For years I would try to cook just the right amount of salmon so I didn’t even have any left over.  I would open up the fridge the next day and not want to grab the cold […]

How to Make the BEST Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dip

Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dip Today we are giving you insight and tips in making the best Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon dip.  I’m a huge fan of smoked salmon.  Typically I will just eat the smoked salmon as is, or maybe put on a ritz cracker with some cream cheese.  My all time favorite though, […]

How to grill Wild Alaskan Spot Prawn Skewers

How to grill alaskan spot prawns

Grilling Alaskan Spot Prawns Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns are by far my favorite shrimp.  For those of you who have had Alaskan Spot Prawns you know how good they are.  Their flavor and texture is unlike any other shrimp.  The cold deep water they come from creates such a clean and juicy tasting shrimp.  One […]

Tips to making AMAZING Bacon Wrapped Scallops

How to Make the best Bacon wrapped scallops In a recent Q & A session Jon was asked to give his tips for making Bacon Wrapped Scallops.  He breaks it all down in the video below!

What’s the best Alaskan Whitefish??

All About Whitefish Most everyone is a fan of whitefish.  Alaskan whitefish on average is a much more mild fish.  Most people go directly to seafood such as cod or halibut.  These are great seafood items and are super versatile for so many dishes.  On top of cod and halibut, there are so many other […]

What are the Seasons of Wild Alaskan Salmon?

salmon seasons in alaska

What are the Seasons of Alaskan Salmon In one of our recent Question and Answer sessions we went into depths on Alaskan Salmon seasons.  A common question we get is when is salmon in season.  As many of you know we only source Wild Caught Salmon.  Wild Caught means these salmon are going to be […]

How to Cook Sockeye Salmon – a Fisherman’s Recipe

How to cook sockeye salmon

How to Cook Sockeye Salmon In today’s post I breakdown my go to recipe for cooking Sockeye Salmon.  The video below is loaded with more information as well as a cooking video showing you this recipe.  For Sockeye Salmon I have one recipe that I use 75% of the time.  I use this recipe so […]