How to Cook Crab in an Air Fryer – Recipe plus Video


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How to Cook Crab in an air fryer

Cooking food in the air fryer has become a craze and we have definitely jumped on it!  I was so against cooking seafood in the air fryer and thought there was no way good quality seafood could come out of it.  I admit now how wrong I was and how thankful I am to have tested out many seafood air fryer recipes.  Another crazy one that came my was was cooking crab in the air fryer.  Instantly I thought no way.  Luckily I realized how many times I have been proven wrong on this topic so we went with it.

Air Fryer recipes fit our goal so well because of their simplicity and time.  As you all know we aim to film videos that bring value to the common person with a busy lifestyle who does not have a ton of time to prepare healthy and quality meals.  This recipe was quite easy.  Crab in general is very easy to prepare, so it makes sense that cooking crab in the air fryer was also easy.  I’ll break it down for you right now.  We semi thawed out our crab, smothered it in olive oil and seasoning, pre heated the air fryer, and cooked the crab for about 8 minutes.

It was actually that easy.  Below is our video showing you how to Cook Crab in an Air Fryer.


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