Our 3 Most Popular Seafood Recipes + Cooking Videos for each


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As many of you know we have a YouTube Channel where we post our cooking videos.  These cooking videos are dedicated to help you learn how to cook seafood at home.  We also aim to show you how EASY it actually is to cook seafood.  We do not focus on recipes with huge amounts of prep time or recipes that include a bunch of hard to find ingredients.  We keep it simple and realistic.  We all have busy lives and we believe these simple seafood recipes can help you learn how to cook seafood and encourage us all to put good food into our bodies!  

Here are our 3 most popular Seafood Recipes + Cooking Videos!

Number 3 - Creamy Dill Cedar Plank Salmon

Number 2 - Air Fryer Rockfish

Number 1 - Crab Boil in a bag


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