How to Cook Sockeye Salmon – a Fisherman’s Recipe


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How to cook sockeye salmon

How to Cook Sockeye Salmon

In today’s post I breakdown my go to recipe for cooking Sockeye Salmon.  The video below is loaded with more information as well as a cooking video showing you this recipe.  For Sockeye Salmon I have one recipe that I use 75% of the time.  I use this recipe so often because it is easy and very good.  To start I begin thawing out the salmon fillet.  I prefer to thaw out my salmon naturally by leaving the fillet in the sink and letting it thaw out at room temperature.  This takes more time, but I’ve always preferred it.  From here I place parchment paper on a baking sheet and place the salmon fillet on the parchment paper.  I used to always use aluminum foil, but finally working to avoid cooking with that.  My first step from here is to smother the salmon fillet in olive oil.  I love olive oil and the benefits it has to offer so I don’t go light on this.  I also believe it helps lock in moisture on the salmon while cooking.  Next I either sprinkle the fillet with salt and pepper or a seasoning.  With seasonings I love smoked paprika and how it pairs with Sockeye salmon.  I’m always looking for that in the seasonings I use with sockeye salmon.  Lastly I may put 3 globs of butter on the fillet.  Next comes cooking!  I recommend cooking at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, or until we hit an internal temp of 145 degrees.  The thickness of the fillet will play into this and you must check the temperature!

My go to Sockeye Salmon recipe


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