How Long Does Frozen Seafood Last?


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How long does frozen seafood last

How Long Does Frozen Seafood Last

It’s always been amazing to me how hesitant people are with frozen seafood.  There is a definitely a perception that frozen seafood is of far less quality than fresh seafood.  If you are so lucky to live right on the coast and you are able to get seafood as soon as it has been caught, you are truly enjoying fresh seafood.  What most people don’t know is that fresh seafood at your local supermarket is by no means FRESH.  On average that seafood has been out of the water for 5-7 days.  Let me explain to you how that works.

Seafood is harvested by the fisherman on day one.  By day two or three is is delivered to the plant where that seafood is processed.  By day three or four that seafood is on it’s way to the distribution centers to be delivered to your local supermarkets.  By day 5 or 6 the seafood has arrived to the supermarket and is on the display case.  Many consumers are buying this seafood well after it has come out of the water.

What to know about frozen seafood


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