Growing up in Alaska and Adventures


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Interview with Alaskan Commercial Fisherman

Growing up in Alaska

Yesterday evening I was on the phone with a lifetime friend of mine who I grew up with in Petersburg, Alaska.  My friend is a full time Alaskan Commercial fisherman and spends months on the water each year.  We were talking about the lifestyle of growing up in Petersburg, AK, commercial fishing, and the experiences we have that most people will never have. 

Chris and I grew up very adventurous.  Riding bikes everywhere and as early as we could hitting the docks and fishing for dollies or jigging herring.  My first taste of business came when we began catching herring and selling them for $.10 a piece to my step father and local fisherman. 

As we got older the adventures became much more exciting.  Getting up at 3am and taking a skiff on a 2-hour drive to fish for King Salmon.  Hunting trips that resulted in us being stranded and having to stay the night on a sand bar.  Running up creeks and sloughs in a jet boat and having a bear run out just feet in front of us across the water.

We were looking back at so many of these events and I was truly in awe.  We have experienced so many amazing things in Alaska.  This is what really sparked me with Wild Alaskan Seafood Box and how we can share this with our members.  We get to work directly with fisherman who are out on the water in the middle of their own adventure.  These guys are small business owners and very hard-working individuals who make a living by catching fish and other seafood.  We get to work with these guys and provide their harvests to people all around the United States.  In a sense the adventure has never ended and a new one has begun.

Moving forward we are excited to tell the story of who we are and the fisherman that we work with in Alaska.  Supporting Alaskan Fisherman and providing our members with the highest quality seafood directly from fisherman is our mission and goal.

Growing up in Alaska


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