Super Easy Blackcod (Sablefish) Recipe


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Alaskan Blackcod recipe

Alaskan Blackcod (Sablefish) Recipe

With the Alaskan ground fish fisheries just around the corner, we can’t stop thinking about Alaskan Blackcod or Sablefish.  If you have been following us you know that Blackcod is a very unique whitefish that is slowly becoming more and more popular!  This whitefish is so unique because it is not your typical mild whitefish.  Instead Alaskan Balckcod is loaded with Omega 3s and has a very high fat content.  These  properties make Sablefish rich and loaded with flavor compared to your normal whitefish that is very mild.  These unique properties confuse many consumers when it comes to cooking Blackcod or Sablefish.  This is why we have put together this very easy at home Blackcod recipe below!


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