What Does a Dungeness Crab Offload Look Like?

Dungeness Crab offload

What a Dungeness Crab Offload Looks Like The Dungeness Crab fishery is in full swing off of the Washington Coast.  Commercial Fishermen and Women are out for days hauling their pots and hoping for big harvests of Dungeness Crab.  When the Dungeness Crab are caught they are put into the “Hold” of the fishing boat.  […]

Where Does Your Salmon Come From?

Where Does Your Salmon Come From

Where Does Your Salmon Come From Many of you know that our Founder grew up Commercial Fishing in Alaska and spent over 15 seasons in Bristol Bay, AK.  Bristol Bay is home to the worlds largest Sockeye Salmon fishery.  Year after year Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Alaskan Commercial fisherman return to Bristol Bay to […]

Cooking Alaskan Fish Tacos with the Addicted Fishing Crew

Cooking Wild Alaskan Fish Tacos with Addicted Fishing The team from Addicted Fishing has been an incredible partner of ours.  These guys are based in the Pacific Northwest and cover everything fishing throughout the US.  These guys educate and create some incredible content.  In their latest video the Addicted Fishing team goes Steel Head Fishing and […]

How Alaska’s Fisheries are Certified Responsible and Sunstaibale

Alaska Fishery Management

Alaska’s Certifications for Responsible and Sustainable Fisheries Year over year Alaska’s Fisheries have been amongst the best managed in the world.  This did not just happen over night.  For years Alaskan’s have realized the importance of their fisheries and that they must return each year to support Alaskan’s and the Economy.  This means to protect […]

How to Roast Alaskan Pollock From Frozen

How to Cook Alaskan Pollock From Frozen Cooking seafood from frozen is convenient.  Most people don’t realize that you can cook seafood from frozen.  In the video below we show you how Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute cooks Wild Alaskan Pollock directly out of the package still frozen!  This way you can come home from a […]

The Easiest Way to Cook Crab – Steaming Crab Sections

The Easiest Way to Cook Crab

The Easiest Way to Cook Crab We are always trying to highlight the easiest ways to cook seafood.  One of the easiest seafood items to cook is crab.  Although crab is one seafood item most people are intimidated by, it’s actually one of the easiest things to cook!  The main reason why crab is soo […]

How to Meal Prep with Wild Alaskan Salmon

Meal prep with Alaskan Seafood

Meal Prepping with Alaskan Seafood – Salmon Salad Meal prepping with Wild Alaskan Seafood can be a challenge.  Although everything in regards to nutrition is there, it’s hard to come up with ideas for using seafood in meal prep.  In the video below we show you a super easy and fast Salmon Salad recipe that […]

How Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon are Harvested in Bristol Bay

How Sockeye Salmon are harvested in Alaska

How Sockeye Salmon are Harvested in Bristol Bay Have you ever wondered where you Salmon comes from or where it is caught and harvested?  The largest Sockeye Salmon fishery in the world occurs every single year in Bristol Bay, AK.  This fishery brings fisherman to the area to participate in the fishery and harvest Wild […]

Our Interview with an Alaskan Fisherman

Interview with Alaskan Commercial Fisherman

Our Interview with an Alaskan Commercial Fisherman We sat down with Alaskan Commercial Fisherman Matthew Short and had a great conversation.  Matthew and I grew up together in Petersburg, Alaska.  We grew up together and had a lot of amazing experiences and adventures.  Matthew is still in Alaska full time as a Commercial Fisherman.  Based […]

Cooking Salmon on the Stove Top – Home Recipe

Cook Salmon on the Stove Top

Learn How to Cook Salmon on the Stove Top There are so many different ways to cook your Wild Alaskan Salmon.  In the video below we show you a very easy recipe for cooking Salmon on the stove top.  This Creamy Garlic Tuscan Salmon Recipe is a perfect at home recipe that is very easy […]