Fish Tacos & Coffee Rub with the crew from Campfire Hour Podcast

The crew from Campfire Hour Podcast decided it was time to make their own cooking video and show us how to cook Fish Tacos!  In this video they show us their famous “Coffee Rub” and apply it to the tacos.  Check out their video below! Watch to the end to learn how you can get […]

Roasted Pollock at Home Recipe

A Roasted Pollock Recipe Many times pollock can be overlooked.  As a member of the cod family Alaskan Pollock is a great whitefish option.  Pollock fillets are mild, flaky, and make a great option for fish tacos and to sauté.  Today we bring you a great recipe from Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.  In this recipe we […]

How to Tell When Your Fish is Done

How to Tell When Your Fish is Done

How to Know when Your Fish is Done This is probably the most common question and problem that people have when cooking seafood.  On most occasions we always here this concern when it comes to cooking salmon.  Many people complain that they always over cook their salmon and that it never turns out as good […]

What do you do with left over salmon – SALMON CAKES

salmon cakes

What do you do with left over salmon Left over salmon has always been a challenge of mine.  For years I would try to cook just the right amount of salmon so I didn’t even have any left over.  I would open up the fridge the next day and not want to grab the cold […]

Is the air fryer the best way to cook seafood? Recipe + video!

Air Fryer Rockfish

Rockfish in the air fryer! We’ve got one more recipe to show you how good seafood is in the air fryer.  Many of you may remember when we made our first attempt at cooking salmon in the air fryer, and on the first try it was a success!  We were super happy with how it […]