What’s the best Alaskan Whitefish??

All About Whitefish Most everyone is a fan of whitefish.  Alaskan whitefish on average is a much more mild fish.  Most people go directly to seafood such as cod or halibut.  These are great seafood items and are super versatile for so many dishes.  On top of cod and halibut, there are so many other […]

What are the Seasons of Wild Alaskan Salmon?

salmon seasons in alaska

What are the Seasons of Alaskan Salmon In one of our recent Question and Answer sessions we went into depths on Alaskan Salmon seasons.  A common question we get is when is salmon in season.  As many of you know we only source Wild Caught Salmon.  Wild Caught means these salmon are going to be […]

How to Shop for Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets – What to look for

What to Look for when shopping for Sockeye Salmon Fillets Not all salmon is created equally!  When you are out shopping in your local grocery store or supermarket there are a few things you want to keep an eye on when it comes to choosing a sockeye salmon fillet.  There will be certain visuals that […]

Three Alaskan Seafood Recipes for the Grill

Three Seafood Recipes for the grill Let’s cook some seafood on the grill!  Below we’ve put together three of our favorite seafood recipes to cook on the grill.  Remember we have many more recipes available on our YouTube Channel so did get stuck to just these three below.  Many people live for grilling.  Grilling Seafood […]

Now Carrying Seafood Direct from Alaskan Producers

One of our dreams is slowly coming true, and that is to offer seafood direct from Alaskan fisherman and producers.  We are in the process of working with Alaskan fisherman directly to list their seafood and harvests directly on our website.  This will make their seafood available to you! We have connected with Kvichak Fish […]

Alaskan Crab Legs: To Grill or to Steam? Which is best?

How to cook crab

To grill your crab or steam it, which is best?  First off I want to make sure everyone knows that crab coming out of Alaska for consumption in the United States is already cooked.  Raw crab has way to man health risks, and must be cooked before heading your way to markets! With this in […]

What is the best Alaskan whitefish?

Alaskan Whitefish

This is a post where we need your comments!! What is the best Alaskan whitefish? Many people go straight to Halibut.  No problem here, but why is that?  Halibut is by far the most mainstream whitefish amongst most seafood consumers.  So not let’s dig into it.  What about the other options?  We’ve got Lingcod, Sablefish […]

Your Guide to Alaskan Salmon Species – FREE GUIDE

Our new guide is up!  We have created a brand new guide teaching you all you need to know about the different Salmon species found in Alaska.  Remember not all salmon are the exact same.  Some differences include taste, nutrition, and fat content.  All of this can play a role in how you utilize your […]

Our most Popular Seafood Box

Seafood Box

Our Most popular wild alaskan seafood box If you had to guess, which of our three curated Wild Alaskan Seafood Boxes do you think is most popular.  All three boxes: Whitefish , Salmon, and Red & White Boxes are all created with Wild Alaskan Seafood.  As you can imagine, the Red & White Box consists […]

Seafood for the Holidays – Holiday Cooking Guide included

Holiday Cooking Guide

How to Enjoy Seafood for the Holidays The team at Wild Alaskan Seafood Box is wishing you an amazing holiday!  Although we are all going though uncertain times this holiday season we hope you are able to spend time with family, enjoy amazing food, and create memories. Seafood is a common staple during the Holiday […]