8oz Smoked Salmon


8oz Smoked Salmon

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Our Smoked Alaskan Salmon comes directly from a small local processor in Petersburg, AK.  Smoking Alaskan Salmon is the bread and butter of this local seafood smokery.  All of our smoked salmon is smoked with a very simple hot smoked process.  As you see when you read the label, there is only salmon and the salt used to cure this salmon.  No additives or crazy brine mixtures.  This simple hot smoked salmon has an amazing flavor that usually has you eating the entire package in one sitting.  We recommend eating our smoked salmon as a snack with crackers, on bagels with cream cheese, turned into a dip, or added to your favorite salads.  Our smoked salmon does not have to be kept frozen or refrigerated.  Simply keep at room temperature, but make sure to refrigerate after it has been opened.  That would be if you do not eat the entire package first!

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