Barnacle Foods - Best Seller Box


Barnacle Foods - Best Seller Box

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Introducing Barnacle Foods from Juneau, AK!  We have teamed up with Barnacle Foods to offer their BEST SELLER Box through Wild Alaskan Seafood Box.

This product will be shipped directly from Barnacle Foods in Juneau, Alaska!  Shipment will occur within 3 days of order.

What’s included in the Best Seller Box: Dill Kelp Pickles, Original Kelp Salsa, Bullwhip HOT Sauce, and Spruce Tip Jelly.

Meet Barnacle Foods:

Southeast Alaska is our home. It’s a place where mountains meet the sea, where rain paints the landscape verdant and lush, where its people are nourished by the bounty of the land and the sea.

Bull kelp is a favorite ingredient we have been using for years. On the way back home from a fishing trip, we’d fill a bucket with kelp, gather our friends, and create handmade kelp pickles and kelp salsas in our home kitchen.

Our very first batches of kelp salsa and pickles were inspired by recipes from some of the original coastal Alaskan homesteaders. Over the years, with each harvest of kelp our batches grew. We began by filling our cupboards and pantries, and soon would be filling the cupboards and the pantries of friends and family. In 2016 we founded Barnacle to share our Kelp Salsa and Pickles with you, too.

Today we have four of our favorite variations of Kelp Salsa, two flavors of Kelp Pickles, five types of dried Kelp Seasonings, and occasional “Small Batch” experimental items from our test kitchen.


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