Wild Alaskan Seafood Custom Box

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  • 2lbs Red Shrimp

    Argentine red shrimp is a wild shrimp caught off the coast of Argentina with a flavor profile that is very similar to Maine lobster.

  • 1lb Pollock

    Wild Alaskan Pollock is a good source of lean protein and is low in saturated fat.

  • 1lb East Coast Sea Scallops

    Succulent sea scallops from the East Coast.  Wrap them in bacon, saute them in butter, make a chowder, pair them with a rib eye...there's really nothing you can't do with these wild-harvested scallops!

  • 2lbs Pacific Dungeness Crab

    Wild, sustainably harvested dungeness crab from the coast of Washington. Dungeness is sweet, delicate crab meat and is a favorite of Alaska and Washington locals. Great flavor for crab cakes or just boiled with seasonings.

  • 1lb Rockfish

    Wild Alaskan Rockfish, if you like halibut, you'll love rockfish - a flaky white fish with a mild flavor.

  • 1.5lbs Sockeye Salmon

    Wild Alaskan Sockeye is sustainably harvested by small boat fishermen in Bristol Bay, AK. Sockeye salmon is an easy to prepare, delicious fish loaded with flavor and nutrients like Omega-3s.

  • 1.25lbs Black Cod

    Wild Alaskan Black cod, also known as Sablefish or Butterfish, is a gourmet fish with a super-rich and buttery flavor. This fish is super popular around the world and just now becoming very popular in the United States.  Baked, grilled, or smoked, this fish will blow you away!

Wild Alaskan Seafood Custom Box

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1lb Pollock


5LB Case, 10LB Case

1lb East Coast Sea Scallops


5LB Case, 10LB Case

2lbs Pacific Dungeness Crab


5LB Case, 10LB Case

1lb Rockfish


5LB Case, 10LB Case


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