Seafood Recipes

Seafood Recipes

Learn all about the basics when it comes to cooking Wild Caught Seafood? Below you will find videos from our current YouTube Services Billings Seafood Guys TV. To subscribe to our YouTube Channel for new videos click here.

Billings Seafood Guys TV Episode 1 – Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon In Episode 1 of Billings Seafood Guys TV Jon teaches you all about Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, along with his 20 minute recipe done in 3 steps.

Learn all about Dungeness Crab and how to steam crab in 7 to 8 minutes at home!

In Episode 4 of Billings Seafood Guys TV we dive into our Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns. Jon gives you an in depth knowledge about the Alaskan Spot Prawns season, fishery, and how to cook the Spot Prawns

In Episode 5 of Billings Seafood Guys TV Jon brings out the bbq to grill our Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns on skewers! This 30 minute recipe from start to finish is sure to be a crowd pleaser this grilling season!

In Episode 6 of Billings Seafood Guys TV Jon teaches you one of his new favorite ways to Meal Prep with Wild Alaskan Seafood. We break down our Sockeye Salmon Salad that goes great on wraps, sandwiches, salads, and more!

In Episode 7 of Billings Seafood Guys TV Jon shows you his simple and easy Scallop recipe where he saute’s them in butter and finishes them with a butter, garlic, and teriyaki sauce!

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