Sourcing From Alaska

Alaska is where our experience lies and also home to some of the most amazing Seafood in the world! Our founder grew up in Alaska and spent many years commercial fishing and running Seafood Processing Facilities throughout the State. Our time spent in Alaska has given us an in-depth knowledge of the fisheries and how and where to source the best seafood around! We work directly with fisherman on some of our items and with processors that we have long relationships with.

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Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainability is the life blood of Alaskan Fisheries.  Without proper management and a sustainable fisheries practice, these fisheries would no longer exist.  For generations Alaska has been the standard for Sustainable fisheries throughout the United States and the World.  This means Alaska’s fisheries are managed to prevent overfishing, pollution, and habitat damage just to name a few.  Managing with sustainable practices is what has allowed Alaska’s fisheries to continue for years and years.  Alaska became a state in 1959 and this is the time it began managing its own fisheries.  The Alaska state constitution itself says, “fish…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle.” Alaska has put proper and sustainable management of its fisheries at the forefront from the beginning, which has allowed its fisheries to continue generation after generation.  We are strong believers in sustainable fisheries and devote ourselves to source fisheries that are both Wild and Sustainable.

Sockeye Salmon being Harvested

Quality Checking

Our Founder Jon Wanderaas entered the Seafood Processing industry in Alaska once he completed college.  His first opportunity was working as a Quality Assurance technician on a floating processor in Bristol Bay, AK.  This is where Jon got introduced to all of the quality standards and checks that go into Wild Alaskan Seafood.  He was able to experience day after day of learning the quality assurance checks and practices necessary for a seafood processor to ensure their product is of a high standard for the consumer.  This experience has led to the backbone of our Quality standards at the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box.  It is our standard to know exactly how the fisherman and seafood processors we work with manage and ensure the quality of their seafood.  This standard has led to a line of Seafood at the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box that is beyond what most people have experienced.  We look forward to you trying our seafood and feedback.

Processing Facilities

The Wild Alaskan Seafood Box takes pride in working directly with Fisherman and Seafood Processors that we have direct relationships with. Many fisheries and Seafood Processing Facilities are in very remote locations throughout Alaska.  We believe it is highly important to have an understanding of how these fisheries and processors work.  This knowledge gives us an insight of what to look for and to avoid when working to source the best seafood possible for the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box.  We are truly grateful to work with so many fisherman and processors that we have worked with side by side on fishing boats or in seafood processing facilities.  As the Wild Alaskan Seafood Box grows and we look to add more seafood options, we will continue to strive for direct relations ships with our suppliers.  We are so excited to have you on this journey with us and plan to give you the tools necessary to begin understanding where all of our seafood comes from and the importance behind it.

Cod being bled to assure the best quality meat.

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