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Nationwide Shipping

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Our roots are no joke!  Billings Seafood Guys Founder Jon Wanderaas grew up in the tiny and remote fishing town of Petersburg, AK.  Jon grew up like most all kids in this town, working on commercial fishing boats by the age of 15 and eventually going on to operate some of the biggest seafood processing facilities in the state of Alaska.  Our Alaskan roots and heavy connection to the fisherman and fisheries throughout Alaska and the Pacific Coast allow us to work with fisherman and processors that provide the upmost quality and care to their seafood.  We are dedicated to only source seafood ourselves from trusted sources.  Our knowledge of seasons helps us source seafood at the right time for the right quality.  This is all put forth to help every customer of Billings Seafood Guys to enjoy and learn about the benefits of Wild Caught Seafood.

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